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Title: The PERMANENT RUSTICS Mbira Ensemble from Zimbabwe


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Living deep within the Mhondoro Tribal Trust lands of Zimbabwe is a renowned healer and spirit medium named Sekuru Chidakwa. He is said to have died as a child and come back to life just before they were ready to put him in the grave. When he returned to life he had been given powers and secrets from the other side. One of his powers is to serve as a medium to a particular royal ancestral spirit, who comes only when certain songs are played on the mbira. The Permanent Rustics are Sekuru Chidakwa's sons, and live in the village with their father. They also serve this royal spirit by playing the special songs required to call him. Through dreams and through direct instruction from the spirit, the Permanent Rustics truly play “Spritual Music”. Their style of singing is like no other in Zimbabwe, and they have become renowned for their angelic harmonies and wisdom-laden lyrics that all who hear them agree, transport the soul to another place. -- Chris Berry

The main road to their village

The Permanent Rustics are Chrisha, Gorden, Tavengwa, Calven, and Tapiwa Chidakwa. Born of mixed Shona and Ndebele heritage, they were raised in the traditional ways of the Shona people and make their living primarily as farmers. They play their music on a variety of social and religious occasions, between which they make little distinction. The album was recorded live in their village in 1999 by Chris Berry.

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