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Motherland Music offers
more than 200 types of African drums.

 Ashanti drum, Ashiko, Batá, Bougarabou, Brékete, Conga, Djembe, Doundoun, Ekwe, Ewe drums, Kpanlogo, Krin, Ngoma, Sabar, Sákara, Talking Drum, Udu, and so much more!
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Carving a design on a djembe in Ghana Drum Making in Ivory Coast Drum Making in Mali Drum Making in Nigeria
Ghana Ivory Coast Mali Nigeria

Instruments are listed alphabetically.


Adowa Drums - Regional drums from the Ashanti Central States of Ghana. The fontomfrom drum family (either in part, or all drums) and others are traditionally played at many community and regional events. There are many, many different drums in Ghana, and the fontomfrom represents well the remarkable, proud cultural and spiritual traditions found there, this is because of it's imposing size and symbolic appearance, and the musicaliaty of it's sound. Each Motherland Ashanti drum is an auhtentic, hand-carved in Africa, professional drum.


adowaset.jpg (47431 bytes)
Ashanti Drums
Name Size Price
Fontomfrom   16" × 54"   950.  
Atumpan   14" × 32"   750.  
Apentema  9" × 23"   450.  
Apetia  7" × 21"   350.  
Angled stick  20.  
Straight stick  3.  


These high-quality drums are carved from Tweneboa wood, a resonant, somewhat plentiful preferred drum making wood in Ghana. The skins are stretched over the tops of the drum shells and fastened with strong pegs that fit snugly in the drum shell. The tall fontomfrom drum has a thunderous sound (the drum sound imitates it's name) that, played correctly, can be heard from a long distance.


Timbre-wise, atumpans are more mid-range and complement the bassy fontomfroms well. Both of these types of drums are headed with a medium to heavy cow skin. The sound of the apentema again imitates it's name, tonal wise it may compare to some congas and is played with hands or sticks. The apetia is the baby drum—played with two sticks, it is tuned to make a bright repetitive sound.


Measurements, designs, and availabilities of specific styles and sizes may vary slightly.


Ashiko - A tapered-cylindrical hand or stick played drum with similar variations used many regions of Africa. The types we sell are based on ones from South-Central Nigeria and Eastern Ghana. Goat or cow hide is used for fixing the drums.



Drum Size

10" × 20"




  12" × 24"
  14" × 28"


Batá - Cuban-Style, carved in Mali or Ghana - Hyperbola-shaped Yoruba ritual drums carved from Lenke or other heavy hardwood and headed with goat skin or cow skin using choice of rope or bolt tuning and metal or wood rings.

These "Modern" Cuban-style batá drums use high-quality rope and expertly selected skins with custom fitted flesh rings, they will hold tunings longer than the "Traditional" strap-tuned versions.

Motherland Music's hardwood shell Cuban-Style batás are very durable, we import batá shells from various locations in West Africa made with a number of different premire drum woods. Our instruments are hand-made and of limited production; these are not mass-production instruments.


  rope tuned
Rope tuned Batá Drums
Cow Skin- Wood Rings
Okonkolo - 5" & 7" × 20"
Itotole - 6" & 9" × 24" 
Iyá - 7" & 11" × 26"   
Iyá - 7" & 12" × 27
Iyá - 7" & 13" × 27"  
Set of 3 - 11" iyá  
Set of 3 - 12" iyá  
Set of 3 - 13" iyá  
Lenke Wood, Cow Skin & Wood Rings  
Batá Set (Melina Wood) Batá Set (Lenke)
metal tuning hardware rattan flesh hoops bata shells



Batá - Yorúbàn-Style, carved in Nigera - Hyperbola-shaped Yoruba ritual drums carved from Oma wood and headed with goatskin. Leather strap (Indian tabla-style) tuning. Fabric shoulder strap and leather playing stick included. Note: Drum exteriors may be 'stained' with natural chalk-type powder colors that are not entirely colorfast, meaning some (non-toxic) powder may rub off (temporarily 'staining' the player's hands/clothing). Given the spiritual context for which these drums are prepared, this is to be expected; the 'stain' does not affect these instruments' aural qualities, and like their Mali-carved modern cousins, these drums are suitable for a full range of musical styles.


bata2.jpg (76947 bytes)
  Yorúbàn Batá  
Iyá Ilu 8" & 6" × 28"   450.  
Middle 7" & 5" × 20"    300.  
Omele 4" x 9"  175.  
*All sizes are approximate.


Bongolo - Unique African ceremonial/ritual type drum. The drums we currently have in stock are headed with thick cow skin (other choices are possible), has three feet carved into the shell (forming its own built-in rugged drum stand). Has a small sound opening to enhance sub-audio bass. Suitable for Afro-Cuban and world music contexts, could be construed as a cross between a dundun and a conga, and is playable by hands or using sticks or mallets. Like most of our African drums, these are carved from solid logs and are not produced in mass quantities.


Extra-Tall (Special) Small & Medium Sizes Set of 3 (11", 12", 14") Size Price
Ivory Coast Bongolo Finisher bongolo bottoms bongolo set 11" × 24" 350.  
12" × 24" 400.  
14" × 25" 450.  
Set of all 3
above sizes
MM Special


Bougarabou - Ashiko (tapered-cylindrical)-type drum headed with cow skin. Versatile folkloric/conga drum sound with good bass (depends on head tension) in a comparatively lightweight and portable package. Traditional rope tuning, easily fine tuned with Mali weave.


Bougarabous Bougarabou (Ivory Coast) Bougarabou Shells Drum Size (Origin) Price*
 11" × 24" (Ivory Coast) 300.  
 11" × 25" (Mali) 350.  
 12" × 25" (Ivory Coast) 350.  
 12" × 25" (Mali) 400.  
 13" × 24" (Ivory Coast) 400.  
 13" × 25" (Mali) 450.  
Mali (l.), Ivory Coast Bougarabous (r.) Ivory Coast Bougarabous Ivory Coast Bougarabou Shells


Brékete/Gungon - This style drum is common to many cultures, this particular type of drum is played in Ghana. For it's relative size, this drum can make a powerful, thunderous sound


It is constructed with a with a cloth covered hand-carved wood shell, with a goat skin stretched across each end. There is a thin leather snare string (is removeable) that give this drum its distinctive "African buzzing timbre" Shoulder strap and curved playing stick are included.


Brékete Set (Plain Exterior) Brékete Set (Plain Exterior) Brékete Set with Carved Exteriors (3)
Brékete / Gungons
10" × 10"  
12" × 12"  
14" × 14"  
16" × 16"  



Conga - These Afro-Cuban style drums are hand-caved from a tree trunk in the traditional Cuban conga shape, from single hardwood log in Ghana, Mali, and Ivory Coast. They are fitted with custom Motherland Music tuning hardware or made with a rope tuning system, and headed with raw African cow skin. The shells are hand polished with an oil mixture and sealed with either polyurethane or bees-wax finish. These drums are very unique, and they sound amazing.


  Carved 1-Piece Shell (MM-Assembled) Congas  

Shells, melina wood

rope tuned, balafon wood mechanically tuned
placeholder image bongolo bottoms bongolo set
10" × 29"  
11" × 29"  
12" × 29"  
13" × 29"  
14" × 29"  
dougara wood from Mali Ghana shells tweneboa wood niangon & djalla woods, from Mali
MM-Assembled Drums

Mali Dugara congas Ghana conga 12 Mali conga shells conga 2



Djembe - The Djembe (aka jim-bay) is the most popular African hand drum in the world. It's populatity blossomed into many different settings in the last twenty years. This is because besides it having a spiritual aspect in it's sound, a diciplinarly, and community gathering aspect in the learning and playing of it's traditional music, this drum has a large tonal range for a single, fairly simple made drum, and this lends it's self well to many different situations.


The djembe came into being in west Africa and is considered a Mandingo drum. It crossed over into a wide area of west Africa before moving outside of the continent. This is unusual as many African drums were local and unknown outside of their culture. Some main traditional west African instrumentation played along with the djembe are doundouns (bass drums) and balafon (marimba/xylophone). At Motherland Music, we also host a number of excellent classes for you to learn from skilled professional drummers. We also provide learning programs, workshops, and performances for schools and other enviroments.




Ghana djembes Ivory Coast djembes New Mali Djembes Mali djembe shells Guinea djembes
Ghana Ivory Coast Mali Mali Shells Guinea
Ghana makes so many types... MM gets mostly the best! We also offer pro djembe shells
only -
from Ivory Coast!
We carry some Kangaba & other
Hi-Q unsigned drums from Mali.
Our new djembe shells from Mali are First Class! Noted for high quality, incl. special custom selection.
Stock Medium- and Full-Sized*
Dia. × H. Price  
Dia. × H. Price
5" X 8"
12" × 25"
8" x 12"
13" × 25"
9" x 17"
10" x 19"
11.5" x 22"
 Ivory Coast
12" × 24"
13" x 24.5"
  Mali, cow skin
 Ivory Coast
13" × 25"
14" × 25"
15" x 26"

Drums are hand-carved in Africa sizes are + or - 1/2"

Metal tuning hardware is available (like congas) on most drums, call for more information.


Synthic heads available on 13" drums.



Dondo - Talking drum from Ghana, a variable-pitch drum played with a curved stick by squeezing it under the players arm. Two types are available; in the picture below, the slightly smaller Hausa style is shown on the left. The Dagomba type on the right.


Hausa (l.), Dagomba (r.).
 6" × 16"   150.  
 7" × 17"   175.  
12" curved stick    12.  
13" curved stick    15.  


Ekwe - Two-tone Ibo log drum. Currently only available in red hardwood (Padauk/Vermillion). Played with either a plain wooden stick or a rubber-tipped beater. These wood log drums are found in the eastern part of Nigeria. Click here for more information on these drums.


5" × 11" 
6" × 16" 
8" × 19" 
10" × 22" 
12" × 24" 
small beater: 
large beater: 


Ewe Drums - Antelope (aka Bush Deer) skin. Peg tuning. Two types are available: Regular Quality and Better Quality. Each Motherland Ewe drum is carved from a solid piece of wood for low-maintenance use. Better Quality Ewe drums are made sturdier with a more-robust tuning system and better-fitted skins & pegs; they are pre-tuned —virtually no maintenance is required. Older, hoop-and-stave construction drums still used in Ghana are available on special order, but we do not guarantee them as long. All drums pictured below are carved from a solid log. Better Quality drums are usually stained deep-burgundy brown. The drum wood is either finished with an oil and wax mixture, or a dark tinting stain.

Ewe Drums


Size *
10" × 54"  
9.5" × 25"  
8.5" × 23"  
7" × 22"  
10" × 17"  
9" × 18"  
16" × 32"  
Playing stick for sogo, kidi, kagan, kroboto .................................. $3.00
Playing stick for atsimevu, boba .................................................... $5.00

Sizes may vary, are approximate


- Conga-shaped peg-tuned drum headed with antelope skin. A staple of Ghana percussion, this versatile drum can be played with sticks and/or hands. Produces a warm, full, semi-conga-like tone that is a proud hallmark of many traditional Ghana rhythm styles.


  Kpanlogo: peg and lug tuning, from Ghana
10" × 25"      
300. & 400.


Gudugudu - Small wood bowl drum played with two long thin rawhide sticks, included. Tuning paste on head enables two-pitch effect. Tuned by hammering wooden wedges between the bottom metal ring and the drum's base. Hand-carved, hence dimensions are approximate.


gudugudu.jpg (17658 bytes)
9" × 6"  150.  
Extra 12" stick  2.  


Igba - Short, stout open-bottom tom-tom-like drum from eastern Nigeria. Slung from the shoulder, played with a curved stick, included. Antelope skin, wedge tuning. Traditionally used for intricate, rapid playing (like a variable-pitch talking drum); has a

semi-open, fairly "throaty" tone.

Click here for more information on these drums.


igba.jpg (10079 bytes)
Small (7" × 11")   80. 
Medium (8 1/2" × 12")   100. 
Large (10" × 13")   140. 
Extra 9" curved stick   10. 


Igba,Tall -  Open bottom tom-tom like drum with wedge tuning. This Nigerian drum is headed with Antelope skin and played with a curved stick (included). Notched at the base to allow the sound to escape. Similar to an Ngoma in sound, it produces deep, bassy notes. Click here for more information on these drums.


talligba.jpg (59004 bytes)
Tall Igbas
6" × 38"   120.  
7.5" × 40"   145.  
9" × 42"   185. 


Kete Drum Set - A handsome set of four drums from the Ashanti region decorated with characteristic red and black checkerboard cloth. Large drum (kwadum or kwedun) is headed with cow skin; others are headed with antelope skin. This set ships with seven (7) playing sticks.


Kete Set
  Kete Set Set Price  
  Four (4)


Ngoma - Tall Mali cow skin (or goat skin) Congolese-style drum, played with hands like a conga or with sticks (not recommended on goat skin version). Please contact us for availability of specific ngomas; all decorative carving is done in Africa.


  Ghana Mali Origin Size
Ghana 11" x 44" 400. 
Ghana 12" x 44" 425. 
Ghana 13" x 44" 445. 
Mali 11" x 44" 430.
Mali 12" x 44" 455. 
Mali 13" x 44" 475. 
*Note: Standard head is
Medium to thick Cow skin

Ngomas sometimes have a decorative
carvings on their shells.



Sákara - Common Yoruba ceramic and goat skin drum. Played in ensenble with larger ones soloing and smaller ones keeping time. Wood playing stick included. Small sizes produce nice, tight sound. Larger sizes produce longer sustains. Tune down by rubbing a few drops of water on skin, tune up by tapping on tuning pegs.


sakara.jpg (21127 bytes)
Size Price
4"  16.  
6"  24.  
8"  32.  
10.5"  40.  
12"  50.  
13.5"  64.  
Extra Stick  2.  



Square Drum (Samba) Made in Yorubaland from sawed wood (not hand-carved) with either goat skin (two smaller sizes)or antelope skin, playable by hand or using sticks. Wedge-tuned.


squaredrums.jpg (29249 bytes)
Square Drums
Size Price
  9" × 9"   45  
11" × 11" 60  


Talking Drum - Hourglass-shaped variable-pitch drum from the Yoruba region of Nigeria. These drums are used for entertaining guests at weddings and other ceremonies and ocassions. Goatskin heads, hardwood shell. Shoulder strap and curved stick are included. Click here to find out more about the different sizes of Talking drums and their respective roles.


Talking Drums, Nigerian (Yoruba)
talkingdrums2.jpg (55922 bytes)
6" × 11"  
6" x 16"
7" × 17"  
8" × 18"  
9" × 19"  
Igbaju & Soworo
(2 pcs.)      
Curved stick, small  


Tama - This talking (variable-pitch) drum is from Senegal. Its Dimba wood shell is carved in an hourglass shape. A strong wound-cotton cord is used for changing pitch

The heads are lizard skin. A special small curved playing stick is included.

If played live, this drum sounds best mic'd and amplified; it has a wide, expressive tonal range.


Tamas (Talking Drums, Senegalese)
  Size Price  
5" × 11" 
6" × 11"


Udu - Clay or metal pot drum with attached woven-grass ring base(clay type).

Udus come from the eastern

regions of Nigeria and are played alongside other eastern Nigerian drums like the Ekwe, Igba, Oyo and others. Click here for more information on these drums.


udu.jpg (29958 bytes)
Size Price
Large (15" × 21")  180. 
Extra paddle  12.
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