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Toke (aka Atoke)

The Toke is another instrument of the forged-iron bell family that produces a bell-like tone when struck. Its traditional form is similar to a miniature boat or canoe (some say a lage milk thistle pod). A thin forged-iron rod is used to play it. The Toke is held in a partially-open palm of the player's 'weak' hand, resting diagonally across the hand, from the forefinger to the heel of the hand. The iron rod beater is carried in the player's 'strong' hand and rebounds as it strikes the rim of toke producing a high ringing pitch. A pair of toke, tuned about a perfect fourth apart in pitch, can be played together to function like the foundation-rhythm musical idiom of the gankoqui.

A pair of Toke with beaters


Toke Playing Technique


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All information was kindly donated by CK Ladzekpo author of the Foundation Course for African Dance Drumming

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