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The Oghene is a type of bell/gong that comes from the eastern region of Nigeria. These bells are handcrafted by some of Nigeria's finest blacksmiths and come in a variety of sizes and types. Musicians in eastern Nigeria use the bells for several styles of music. The larger double gong is used to applaud or praise people when the musician is on stage at social engagements. These gongs also act as time keepers, accompaniment with other drums in masquerade dances and by herbalist ceremonies in eastern Nigeria. Some western percussionists favor Oghenes for Afro-Latin flavored cha-cha-cha or mambo bell sounds that they describe in Spanglish as "muy autentico yet very easy to play." The Double Oghene is like a cross between a Gankoqui (or an Ágogo) and an Oghene.

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*Place an Order: Click here for our Toll Free Telephone, Fax Number, Email, and Addresses*
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