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African Bells and Gongs
  Togo Bell Smith   Motherland Music Various West African Bells, Sticks & Strikers  
Togo Bell Smith MM African Bells (Group Picture)
Ivory Coast Bell Smiths Ivory Coast 3-in-1 Bells
Ivory Coast Bell Smiths Ivory Coast 3in1 Bells


Iron Bells/Gongs from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

3-in-1 Ivory Coast Bell, also called Triple Agogo - Three tapered-oval unfinished steel bells are welded to a common steel stem. Not an ordinary factory-made set—these Ivory Coast bell sets are hand made and sizes vary (bells are about 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and 5 1/2" l., respectively, for Higher, Medium, and Lower pitches). They can produce funky, clunky sounds played with a simple straight playing stick (included) or brighter sounds played with a metal striker. Only $45 per set.


Iron Bells/Gongs (Ewe-style) from The Togolese Republic

Adodo - Double clusters of non-resonant (conical, integral clapper) bells forged to each end of a metal rod. No playing stick is required; played by shaking the cluster in an axis-changing wiggling motion (actuating all clappers simultaneously)—ringing produced by so doing is dense and intense—or can be played with a stick or metal striker. A drum circle late-joiner's favorite (they will know you arrived!), some say best used in moderation (and in traditional African contexts). Bargain priced; a lot of sound per dollar.

adodo.jpg (30277 bytes)

Size* Number of Bells Price
approximately 12" long 8 total 45
approximately 12" long 12 total 50

Gankoqui - Double iron gong with high and low tone, this type traditionally from Ewe part of Ghana/Togo. Wood playing stick is included. We offer quality Gankoquis made in The Togolese Republic. For more information on the Gankoqui bell, click here.

gankoqui.jpg (26151 bytes)

Small -5"
Medium -7"
Large -9"
*length of larger bell not including handle; all sizes are approximate.

Toke - Canoe-shaped forged-iron bell held in the palm of a hand and played with an included iron beater. For more information on the Toke bell, click here.

toke.jpg (19675 bytes)

  Togo Tokes  
Size* Price
Small 6" 20.
Medium 8" 22.
Large 10" 24.
Extra Beater 2.50
*Hand-forged bells; sizes are approximate.
Iron Bells/Gongs from Nigeria (Ibo-style)

Alo - Long hollow iron ritual/sound-effect gong. Two sizes available in rolled steel, painted gray (shape is similar to unpainted Alo pictured, and with longer top stem). Simple rubber-covered straight-handle beater is included.

alo.jpg (10404 bytes)

  Nigeria Alos  
Size* Price
Small 18" 75.
Large 34" 90.
Extra beater 8.
*Hand-forged bells; sizes are approximate.
Note: Small (18" l.) Alo is currently out of stock.

Oghene - Oval-shaped iron gong/bell tapers to a layered metal stem at one end. These bells/gongs are from the eastern part of Nigeria and are hand made by the finest Nigerian blacksmiths. For more information on the Oghene bell, click here.

oghene.jpg (21144 bytes)

  Nigeria Oghenes  
Size* Single Double
Small 7" 12. 22.
Medium 9" 22. 35.
Large 11" 34. 48.
X-large 13" 45. 90.
XX-Large 18"   220.
*Hand-forged bells; all sizes are approximate.

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