Beautiful congas? What do we mean?

Come in and see for yourself, or request some images via E-Mail!

No photograph can do full justice to a hand-made musical instrument. The subtle patina of the wood finish, the metallic glow of the hardware, the texture of the skin, these are all best experienced tactilely. But there's more to an instrument than appearance anyway. How does it sound, man? Yes, eventually we will publish sound samples on our web site. That will take place in 2010 or later... and we would rather that you didn't wait that long to come in and buy your ultimate congas. We aren't the cheapest; we don't try to be, but we like to think we're one of the very best at giving our customers what they want: affordable quality. Satisfaction guaranteed. Dan wouldn't have it any other way. Want a bird's-eye experience of how our congas look and sound? Take an Afro-Cuban conga class here with a master teacher. Wow! It's a double-whammy: you improve your playing and get familiar with hand-carved one-piece African congas. It's a win-win for you and for us... because once you've played our congas, if you prefer to have the best, we know where you'll want to buy yours.

We're here for you! Where? Culver City, CA USA.

Please visit our showroom if you can, or if you cannot, we suggest sending a buyer on your behalf to examine the merchandise. We will gladly ship to your location at a very reasonable additional cost. All locations OK for shipping–domestic/international.

Whatever you want or need... that's our mission!!

While there are limits to what we can realistically provide at our already-discount prices, we will strive to provide you with the finest hand-made instruments and repairs at good prices, satisfaction guaranteed. If you have a need that seems un-addressed on this site, please let us know. We want to be your one-stop world percussion supplier! True, drum sets and guitar amps aren't our things. Would you really want to buy an African drum from a great big factory? We wouldn't.