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 Motherland Music offers an assortment of accessories for drum protection, repairs, skinning, tuning, and making. Please email us with your special needs!



Motherland Music Has an Awesome Selection of Bags and Cases - And Custom Bag Options Galore!
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Ksink-Ksink - Long, leaf or fin-shaped metal rattle that can be temporarily attached to various drums (usually in a group of three per drum—its stem is passed between two cradles and held in place by the drum's 'vertical' rope), especially djembes. Makes a dry, open rattle sound when the drum is played or shaken in a dance movement. We offer a few different designs hand-made by different makers in Africa. This accessory is also called kessing-kessing (like many African terms for percussion, its name is loosely onomatopoetic).

This is a popular gift item for the African drummer "who already has everything" because as in performance wardrobe and actual instruments like djembes and small hand percussion, one can never have too many ksink-ksink from which to choose for a given situation. The rough dimensions of a ksink-ksink are about 7-9" (~ 14-16" long incl. stem) × about 4-6" w. The metal is generally thin-gage zinc-plated (flexible galvanized) steel, (with galvanized steel wire jingles about the size of small key rings mounted in holes on its edges). We may also have non-pointed shapes such as rounded rectangles or ovals, or round shape ksink-ksinks (Please contact us to check availability).

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