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Carving a design on a djembe in Ghana Drum Making in Ivory Coast Drum Making in Mali Drum Making in Nigeria

Instruments are listed alphabetically by country.

Drums from Ghana


Adowa Drums - Tribal drums from the Ashanti Central Region. The fontomfrom drum family either in part or all drums and others are played traditionally at many events. There are many, many different drums in Ghana, but to Dan the fontomfrom best represents the proud cultural traditions of Ghana.

adowaset.jpg (47431 bytes)

These high-quality drums are carved from Tweneboa wood, a resonant, somewhat plentiful preferred drum making wood in Ghana. The skins are stretched over the tops of the drum shells and fastened with strong pegs that fit snugly in the drum shell. The tall fontomfrom drum has a thunderous sound, which when played correctly can be heard from a long distance. Tonally, atumpans are more mid-range and complement bassy fontomfroms well. Both of these types of drums are headed with a medium to heavy cow skin. The apentema is similar in sound to a conga and is played with hands or sticks. The apetia is the baby drum, played with two sticks it is tuned to make a bright sound.

Measurements, designs, and availability vary. Please check with us to find out what drums we currently have in stock.

Style Size Price
Fontomfrom: 16" x 54" $950.00
Atumpan: 14" x 32" $450.00
Apentema: 9" x 23" $350.00
Apetia: 7" x 21" $220.00
Angled stick: $15.00
Straight stick:   $2.00


Brekete - Double-headed bass drum with goatskin both sides, and rawhide snare string stretched across skin to make traditional African buzzing timbre.  Has a powerful, thunderous sound. Shoulder strap and curved playing stick are included. 

16" x 16"
14.5" x 14.5"
12" x 12"
10"x 10"


Conga - These drums are traditional Cuban conga shape. Carved from single tweneboa tree trunk log. They are specially fitted with custom Motherland Music hardware, and headed with cow skin.  The shells are hand polished with an oil mixture and coated with either polyurethane varnish or wax. These drums are very unique, and sound as beautiful as they look.

Plain (left) and carved (right) styles

 Available in 11",  12",  & 13" with  band carving


# lugs
10" x 29"
5 lugs
11" x 29"
6 lugs
12" x 29"
6 lugs
13" x 29"
7 lugs
14" x 29"
7 lugs


Ceremonial Drum - Each is carved to one of three different styles. These drums are headed with Antelope skin using rope-and-peg tuning, and can be played by hand or with a stick. They are currently out of stock, sorry.

ceremonial.jpg (18282 bytes)

Style Size Price
Three Heads 10" x 30" $549.99
Four Legs 10" x 30" $549.99
Two Hands 10" x 30" $549.99


Djembe from Ghana - Carved to a fairly even thickness, left even thicker at their bottoms, these djembes are made from tweneboa, a renewable mahogany/cedar type hardwood that is lightweight and durable and used almost exclusively for drum making wood in Ghana.

We offer both the typical Ghana style with double cradle knots and either line or deep-design carvings on the stem, or a plain wood shell style usually with a single annular step on the bottom.

Size Price
12" x 23" $275.00
13" x 24" $320.00


Dondo - Talking drum from Ghana, a variable-pitch drum played under the player's arm with a curved stick. Two types are available, Hausa type is depicted on the left in the picture below, Dagomba type is shown on the right.

Hausa type on left, Dagomba on right.

Size Price
 6" x 16"  $150.00
 7" x 17"  $175.00
12" curved stick: $12.00
13" curved stick: $15.00



Ewe Drums - Two types are available. Carved or hoop-and-stave construction. Antelope skin. Peg tuning. Carved type drums shown in picture with unfinished shells. Most of our Ewe drums are finished darker in recent shipments and often feature very ornate exterior carvings.

Ewenew2.jpg (618948 bytes)

 9" x 48" $450.00 more info. on Atsimevu (Ladzekpo)
10" x 52" $500.00 more info. on Atsimevu (Ladzekpo)
8 " x 25" $350.00 more info. on Sogo (Ladzekpo)
7 " x 22" $300.00 more info. on Kidi (Ladzekpo)
6" x 22" $175.00 more info. on Kagan (Ladzekpo)
10" x 18" $195.00 more info. on Kroboto (Ladzekpo)
11" x 17" $195.00 more info. on Totodzi (YouTube)
15" x 33" $475.00 more info. on Boba (Wikipedia)
Extra stick
  $2.00 (simple straight stick, natural wood)


Kete Drums - A handsome set of four drums from the Ashanti region decorated with red and black checkerboard cloth. Large drum (kwadum) is headed with cow skin, others are headed with antelope skin.

kete kit g.jpg (54652 bytes)

Set of four drums


- Conga-shaped peg-tuned drum headed with antelope skin.


9" x 24"
10" x 25"
11" x 26"


Kpanlogo (Special Quality) - Special quality Kpanlogo drums that are very profesionally carved and assembled.


Bougarabou - Ashiko type drum with cow skin. Conga sound with deep bass. Rope tensioned. Easily tuned with Mali weave.


Mali boug. on left; Ghana boug. on right

Size Price
10" x 24" $250.00
11" x 25" $300.00
12" x 26" $350.00

Drums from The Ivory Coast


Bada - Made from a large gourd with a top section cut off, a goat skin is fastened to the gourd with rope and tuned using Mali weave.  Makes a nice clear tone.

bada.jpg (5618 bytes)



Bougarabou - Rope-tuned conga-type (some say djembe sound) drums headed with cow skin.

bougarabou.jpg (25689 bytes)

 10"  x 25" $250.00
11"  x 25" $300.00
 12" x 25" $350.00


Djembe from Ivory Coast - These sturdy djembes are carved from Iroko wood and tune up nicely, and are capable of crisp slaps, earthy tones, and deep bass notes. The wood is medium density, straight grained and very stable. The rings are carefully fitted and the top ring is pulled down enough for a big comfortable playing edge.  A good quality non-stretching rope is used for tuning.  

Size Price
Small (10" x 22") $175.00
Medium (11" x 24") $250.00
Large (12" x 25") $300.00
X-large (13" 25 1/2") $350.00


Djun-djuns - straight and clean -  Same Dimba wood as djembes; the shells are cut straight and clean.

Dundun set (dundun [shown on right, above with djembe, left], sangban, kenkeni [not shown]); all three drums: $850.00


squaredrums.jpg (29249 bytes) Square Drums - Frame drums made from sawed boards with either goatskin or antelope skin head, played by hand or with sticks. Wedge-tuned.

  9" x 9"
11" x 11"
12" x 16"
14" x 19"


Drums from Mali


Djembe from Mali - These drums are among the best available anywhere. They are made entirely by hand by master carvers of Mali, west Africa.

Dugara,  Ngoni and Jala woods              

  Lenke (heavy hardwood) djembes      

Lightweight Wood
10" x 16"


8" x 12"

11.5" x 22"


10" x 17"

13" x 24"


11.5" x 22

14" x 25"


13" x 24"

15" x 25"



Djun-djun headed with cow skin - Carved from solid heavy- or lightweight tree logs to approx. 3/4" thick, this is the bass drum "heartbeat" in many drumming ensembles. Rope-tuned and headed with cow skin, it is played with an included heavy dundun stick. Players often mount a dundun bell (round or flat) on the rope and play the bell with one hand using a bell striker, the other hand on one drumhead with a dundun stick.

Motherland Music also offers Dan's square metal tube Triple Dundun Stand (not shown; its height is adjustable for standard or short drums) to set up a single drummer with three dunduns (typically, from left to right: sangban, kenkeni, dundun): $330.00 with casters / $250 without casters.

11" x 21"
13" x 23"
16" x 26"
18" x 28"
20" x 30"
Set of 3 (smaller) drums
15" straight stick


Congas hardwood -These drum shells are hand carved from  one piece of wood, same as above djembes. Assembled by Motherland with heavy all steel tuning hardware or with a rope tuning system.  


Ngoni wood       

Dugara wood             



Lightweight wood, stained red                                                                                                                        

10" x 29"   $400.00
11" x 29"   $425.00
12" x 29"   $450.00
13" x 29"   $475.00

Drums from Nigeria


BATA - Hourglass-shaped Yoruba ritual drums carved from Oma wood and skinned with goatskin heads. Shoulder strap and leather playing stick included.

bata2.jpg (76947 bytes)

Size   Price
Iyá Ilu (8" x 28") $350.00
Middle (7" x 20") $300.00
3-in-1 (4" x 9") $165.00
Extra playing strap: $6.00


Batá (Cuban Style; carved in Africa)


Size    Price
Iyá  7" - 12"   x 27"   $375.00
Iyá  7" - 13"   x 27"   $400.00
Itotole  6" - 9"  x 25"   $325.00
Okonkolo 5" -7" x 20"   $250.00


Ekwe - Two-tone Ibo log drum. Available in two types of hardwood. Played with either a plain wooden stick, or a rubber-tipped beater. These  wooden drums are found in the eastern part of Nigeria. Click here for more information on these drums.


Size Red Wood
Mini (4" x 10") $60.00
Small (6" x 16") $90.00
Medium (8" x 19") $160.00
Large (10" x 22") $250.00
X-Large (12" x 24") $300.00
Small beater: $8.00
Medium beater: $10.00
Large beater: $12.00
Stand (large): $40.00


Gudugudu - Small wood bowl drum played with two long thin rawhide sticks. Tuning paste on head enables two-pitch effect. Tuned with wood wedges against an iron ring at the base.

gudugudu.jpg (17658 bytes)

Size Price
9" x 6" $95.00
Extra 12" stick: $2.00


Igba - Short, stout open-bottom tom-tom-like drum from eastern Nigeria. Slung from the shoulder, played with an included curved stick. Antelope skin, wedge tuning. Click here for more information on these drums.

igba.jpg (10079 bytes)

Size Price
Small (7" x 11") $80.00
Medium (8 1/2" x 12") $100.00
Large (10" x 13") $140.00
Extra 9" curved stick:  $10.00


Tall Igba -  Tall, open bottom tom-tom like drum with wedge tuning. This Nigerian drum is headed with Antelope skin and is played with a curved stick (included). Click here for more information on these drums.

talligba.jpg (59004 bytes)

Size Price
6" x 38" $120.00
7.5" x 40" $145.00
9" x 42" $185.00


Sakara - Clay ring covered with goatskin, played with an included wood stick. Small sizes produce nice, tight sound. Larger sizes produce more resonance.

sakara.jpg (21127 bytes)

Size Price
4" $12.00
6" $16.00
8" $22.00
10.5" $32.00
12" $44.00
13.5" $55.00
Extra Stick: $1.00


Talking Drum - Hourglass-shaped variable-pitch drum from the Yoruba region of Nigeria. These drums are used for entertaining guests at weddings and other ceremonies and ocassions. Goatskin heads, hardwood shell. Shoulder strap and curved stick are included. Click here to find out more about the different sizes of Talking drums and their  respective roles.

talkingdrums2.jpg (55922 bytes)

Size Price
5 1/2" x 12" $150.00
7" x 17" $250.00
8" x 18" $325.00
9" x 19" $400.00
10" x 20" $450.00
Igbaju & Soworo (2 pieces): $85.00
Curved stick (small): $10.00
Curved stick (medium): $12.00
Curved stick (large): 14.00


Udu - Clay pot drum with attached woven-grass ring base. These drums come from the eastern region of Nigeria and are played alongside other eastern Nigerian drums such as the Ekwe, Igba, Oyo and others. Click here for more information on these drums.

udu.jpg (29958 bytes)

Size Price
Small (10" x 15") $90.00
Medium (12" x 17") $130.00
Large (15" x 21") $180.00
Extra paddle: $12.00


Drums from Senegal

Motherland Music is pleased to present the best of Senegal. We now offer the finest-sounding, most elegantly designed, the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials used for drums being made in Senegal.


Djembe from Senegal -Two styles of djembes are available, 'Guinean' (flared-stem, curves out at base) and 'Malian' (less flared, curves in at base). Both types are made with Dimba wood and are decorated with intrictly design patterns on the foot of the stem and artisticly carved symbols and pictures on the main body of the stem. All the wood is highly polished on the outside with multiple coats of varnish and some areas on the drum body are painted to show a beautiful contrast of smooth wood and decorative design. 









13" x 24"



Djun-djun (cowskin heads) - The shells are constructed from the best Dimba trees and are carved evenly to a fairly light weight. The wood is stained a solid color, red, green or, yellow then finished with a hand-applied varnish or wax and the shell is decorated with a picture of a baobab tree. The heads are medium thick cow hides. The rings fit tight to the shell and a heavy duty rope is used  

Kenkeni 10" x 16"
Sangban 12" x 18"
Djun-djun 13 1/2" x 23"



Sabar from Senegal -The sabar is an orginal Senegal drum. It is traditionally played by the Wolof tribe in a drum ensemble of a family of drums. The shells are bueatifuly carved from dimba wood, stained various colors and finished with varnish or wax. The shells are covered with select goatskins tensioned by a rope-peg system. Easily tuned by adjusting a knot under the tuning peg.

Top: Mbëŋ-Mbëŋ (Beung-Beung); Above: N'der.

Not pictured: Thoil/Lambe (solid base).

N'der $450.00
Mbëŋ-Mbëŋ (Bal or Tungone) $300.00 - $350.00
 Thoil/Lambe $450.00


Tama -This is a type of talking (or variable-pitch) drum from Senegal. The shell is carved of Dimba wood to an hourglass shape. A strong wound-cotton cord is used for tensioning (the drum is placed under the player arm). The heads are lizard skin. A small curved playing stick is included.

Small  5" x 11" $150.00
 Large 6" x 11" $175.00

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